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“Financial investors push their clients to diversify their portfolios – because the benefits are endless and yield great dividends. At Hire HBCU, we help our clients get a wonderful return by investing in diverse human capital.”

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Hire HBCU is a minority-owned social enterprise dedicated to helping majority-minority talent, women, and other diverse populations connect with employers who value diversity and inclusion.


Our team recognizes that a qualified and diverse workforce stimulates innovation and economic freedom.


We convene organizational leaders and other stakeholders to discuss issues of diversity and inclusion and provide tangible solutions to address your organization's unique needs. We facilitate a safe space where constituents can partner with our team to deepen their knowledge in the area of race, bias, power, and oppression. These sessions enlist forward-thinking and help ensure your organization does not unconsciously perpetuate bias and inequality.


Questions to ponder...

  • How much diversity is “enough”? According to whom?

  • What is your organization's strategy for  D.E.I. (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)?

  • How can your organization bring the lens of race to discussions about discipline and ask how discipline policies impact organizational culture?