Workshops for Education Partners

Supporting Undocumented Students Through Best Practices and Coalition Building

Audience: Principals & their leadership teams

Keywords: Coalition Building; Diversity & Inclusion; Immigration; Multicultural Affairs

This presentation focuses on best practices and coalition building across institutions of higher education while thinking beyond the stigma of illegality in order to support undocumented students in times of uncertainty.


Discussing the Undiscussable 

Audience: Principals & their leadership teams

Keywords: Diversity & Inclusion; Leadership Development; Multicultural Affairs; Self-Care/Self-Work

This workshop is an exploration of how to approach sensitive topics and set up boundaries for a safe and engaging discussion. It includes skill-building activities around defining and maintaining conversational boundaries. The workshop will also explore how to respond when boundaries are violated. Participants will learn about important considerations in dialogue, setting boundaries, and will develop confidence in their own skills and ability to talk about sensitive topics.


Teaching As Social Justice

Audience: Classroom Educators

Keyword: Conscious Teaching, Differentiated Learning, Teacher Voice, Social Impact

This workshop focuses on teacher identity and how that shapes and defines their roles within their classroom. We discuss how educators may raise their social consciousness to facilitate learning experiences for diverse learners and low-income students that are equitable and result in long-term impact. 


The Hard Conversations: Preparing Students to Talk About Racism

Audience: Schools & Other Institutions of Learning

Keywords: Diversity & Inclusion; Leadership Development; Race, Boundary Setting

Our students live in a growing multicultural world in which one day, they will lead. During this session, we learn strategies to empower students to discuss: race, equity, power, and privilege in a safe manner. We norm on boundary setting that facilitates honest but respectful dialogue and holds space for multiple voices. 


Taught Privilege: How Does this Manifest in the Curriculum?

Audience: Principals & their leadership team and other stakeholders

Keywords: Diversity & Inclusion; Leadership Development; Inequitable learning experiences, conscious curriculum development

During this workshop, we uncover how your curriculum can perpetuate racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression. Educators and other stakeholders learn to become more aware of specific content that reinforces inequality amongst their learners and develop practical solutions for sourcing culturally relevant learning tools.