Workshops for Corporate Partners

Diversity & Inclusion Metrics and ROI

What do Coca-Cola, Google, & Spotify have in common? Profits, Inclusive Cultures, Deep Customer Knowledge, and HBCUs. 

Companies that prioritize diversity, tend to earn higher profits, perform better, and drive more innovation. During this session, we help you understand how you can benefit from hiring diverse candidates. Here you’ll learn diversity and inclusion strategies targeted to the following groups: African American/Black, Asian, Desi-American, Indigenous/Native American, Latina/o/x, and Pacific Islander.  These topics will be covered; Equal Opportunity, Gender Identity & Gender Expression, & Privilege. 


Employee Resource Groups

Employees are the lifeblood of any business. As your team expands, it’s important to establish safe spaces where team members can enhance their leadership development and communication skills. We will also focus on Coalition Building, Intergroup Dialogue & Facilitation. 


Organizational Development

Irons sharpens iron. Our team of experienced HR consultants work specifically with business leaders to provide authentically and trusted support that fosters: Leadership Growth, Mentorship, & Changing Institutional Practices. 


Recruitment & Retention

This workshop establishes best practices for sourcing, shortlisting, and interviewing. We position your team to develop equitable hiring practices that save you money and time. We consult with you on Talent Management, Talent Pipeline Development, and Retention. 


Workplace Climate

Recruiting can be costly. Training and onboarding can get expensive. A sure-fire way to reduce your overhead is employee retention. How often have you asked yourself and your executive team, what makes your company a valuable place for your subordinates? We help our clients answer these questions and add value to the wonderful things they already do to encourage a culture that fosters humility, diversity, & inclusion. 


Suggested audience:

Hire HBCUs workshops are tailored for C-Suite executives, VPs, Directors and Middle Management



Workshops are 90-minute interactive sessions preceded by client analysis and followed by a debriefing to establish the next steps: project scope, action items, and milestone dates for deliverables. 

To maximize and sustain momentum, workshops are delivered on a quarterly basis.