What do you do?

Hire HBCU is a Human Capital Management Firm. We connect superb employees with companies that offer exciting work opportunities, competitive salaries, and inclusive work environments. Additionally, we provide ongoing support via customized workshops and consulting. 


We have a Chief Diversity Officer already. Why should we outsource?

Congratulations on making a great first step! However, it’s impossible for one person to overhaul an entire company’s culture. Having a second set of eyes can help your team uncover hidden opportunities, reduce unconscious hiring bias, and balance the workload on the teams responsible for meeting your diversity objectives. 


How do you find your talent?

While we don’t give away our secret sauce, we can share that we vet each and every candidate we send your way. Our success is measured by our client’s happiness and satisfaction. Because we operate as a contingency agency, the right fit is our priority, and the money is the byproduct. 

Since our focus is upward mobility, we recruit people that have some career experience under their belt and are ready to advance their leadership. Lastly, we liaise well and stay connected to organizations that foster the professional advancement of people of color.


What makes your firm different from any other search group?

We’re a minority-owned company with a small team that provides each and every client with a bespoke experience. We’re also committed to philanthropy. Each year, a percentage of our year-end profits are donated along with in-kind support to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. 


What are your rates?

For our education partners, we provide our services for an affordable flat rate, tiered based on role qualifications and title. 

For our corporate partners, we provide our services per industry standard based on a percentage of the hire’s starting salary.